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Forum MNE has been active in Montenegro since 2002. It grew from an international project into a national based organization. It first started as PRONI Institute for Social Education, then as Forum Syd, and since March 2007, it has been Forum MNE. Forum MNE initiates local strategies for the development of communities, through non-formal education and community youth work.

Professional profile of Forum MNEs employees is primarily youth workers, then mostly social workers, pedagogues, teachers, and other complementary professions.

The organization has developed rules and procedures on human resource management, children protection, insurance of quality of youth work in the community, development of the network of volunteers, organization of education exchanges of young people and volunteers and organization of youth camps.

Forum MNE Vision: A peaceful and just society with young active citizens contributing to its development.

Forum MNE Mission: Forum MNE is an organization which develops its vision by supporting the development of young people into conscious, responsible and active individuals and citizens capable of recognizing, seeking and realizing their rights, while contributing the development of a just and peaceful society.

This organization develops and implements programs and projects which promote: non-formal education, community youth work, youth activism, values of EU and democracy, child and human rights and youth policy.

Ongoing projects are in the field of youth work, PCVE, education, youth employment, culture, entrepreneurship, capacity building, community development etc.