Partners TOKA

TOKA is a youth development non-profit organization operating since 2015 with more than 15.000 alumni and 20.000 volunteering hours devoted to making Kosovo a better place.

Their mission is to accelerate social change in Kosovo by investing in its youth with a special focus on youth from disadvantaged communities, who struggle to reach their full potential due to their socio-economic, gender, or ethnic circumstances.

Among the many programs and activities organized by TOKA, one of the most important is Service-Learning, a pedagogical approach that integrates community service with instruction and reflection. This process enriches the learning experience, teaches civic responsibility, and strengthens communities. In this program, TOKA has included 1,500 youth aged 12-17 from more than 35 schools in 13 municipalities of Kosovo.

These youth are part of the volunteers’ clubs which are supported by TOKA. The clubs are led by teachers or civil society members over the age of 18, who were trained in the IMPACT methodology about learning through experience. Only in 2020 TOKA received more than 500 applications for new volunteers to be part of this program in different municipalities in Kosovo.

TOKA’s vision is ‘Empowered Kosovar youth, who are the agents of positive change – today and tomorrow.’

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