Youth for Social Changes (Y.S.C.), is a youth non-governmental organization working especially with young people with fewer opportunities (with social problems, facing discrimination and social exclusion, coming from rural areas). We provide young people facing various obstacles and challenges with an opportunity to develop competences, to inspire each other and to work together on changing their communities. We believe that ALL young people are equal and ALL young people need to be aware of their own value.

We work mainly in the following three areas: youth empowerment, human rights and social inclusion. We believe that all these areas are interlinked and essential in the context of youth development. We believe that the first step of youth empowerment is raising the self-esteem of young people, development of their competences including critical thinking and empowering them to bring about their own initiatives, ideas leading to social change. In the context of human rights our goal is to make young people aware of their rights but also their roles in standing for the human rights of others.

Apart from working with young people, we find importance in cross-sectoral cooperation, working with communities, media and policy makers, on addressing youth issues and creating an inclusive society. We implement various activities paying attention to the needs of specific target groups involved in our projects. We advocate, lobby, run campaigns on human rights. We organize youth projects at a local but also at international levels – such as training courses, seminars or workshops. We provide young people with an opportunity to come up with their own ideas and organize their own activities. We cooperate with youth centers, youth organizations and schools.

Project activities

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