Partners CZOR

Centre for Youth Work (CZOR) has been advocating for youth to be recognized as active members of society in Serbia since founded in 2001. Using youth work methodology, CZOR encourages young people to assume constructive roles in the development of sustainable communities, working on raising the capacity of youth service providers and on improving public policies affecting youth.

Centre for Youth Work has long-term experience in working with the youth and the implementation of youth work which includes activities and programs based on the methods and principles of informal education. CZOR operates on three levels: providing support to the development of public policies affecting the youth on both state level and local level, educating youth workers in the local community, and directly through youth work.

Through public policies, CZOR contributes to creating a healthy and safe environment for youth. CZOR has taken active part in the implementation of public policies directly affecting youth since 2002. By now it has built partnerships with the public and civil sectors in Serbia, the Western Balkan region, and Europe.

To support youth workers, CZOR implements different educational programs. Through the Course of Leadership and Developmental Youth Work of Jonkoping University in Sweden, over 300 students from Serbia have been certified in youth work within the last 10 years. The training program “The protection and safety of children and youth in youth work” has educated over 100 youth workers in this field, and over 50 CSOs have adopted the policy on the protection and safety of children and youth. CZOR, together with the Ministry of Youth and Sport, is part of a global education network.

CZOR contributes to youth empowerment through direct youth work. Its Youth Club, Mobile Youth Club (MOK), and Youth Exchange Programs enable young people to contribute to their local communities.

Through informal educational programs, CZOR works on increasing the employability of youth, currently implementing the program My Career from Zero to Hero. My Career from Zero to Hero is aimed at providing the full set of skills needed for youth to become employable. First implemented locally, in Novi Sad, My Career from Zero to Hero is now region wide, run in five partner countries simultaneously.